13 Anoama’a College students receive PELE scholarships


Eight of the 13 students of Anoama’a College receiving PELE scholarships

BY Pa’i Mulitalo Ale

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY, 02 MARCH 2017: Thirteen students who graduated from Anoama’a College in 2016 have received scholarship awards from PELE resolutions supporting their education at university.

The project coordinator, Ivona Tuaimau Latu said PELE is the acronym for a New Zealand based organization that stands for – Precious, Embrace, Love and Encourage.

The whole purpose of them being in Samoa is to facilitate positive transformation and positive mindset to improve the quality of life to those who are disadvantaged.

Ivona said having Anoama’a College as the first college to receive these awards was not easy.

“I wrote to some schools from New Zealand hoping that I will get some answers, unfortunately no body responded,” said Ivona.

Anoama’a was the first College to have accepted the project whole heartedly.

“It is a pilot project that has resulted in a partnership between recipients and sponsors on a mentoring and coaching capacity.”

Ivona said they looking at the interest of the students and the fields they are studying.

“We have lawyers, accountants, auditors and sport coaches and others to coach the students who are interested and encourage and help them achieve their dreams.”

The scholarships are offered every year and PELE resolutions will extend this project to other schools depending on the success one this first year.

Ivona encouraged the recipients to work hard and study hard.

“If you ask God anything in his name, he will do it, because from him and through him are all things,” said Ivona

She believes that through many obstacles come strength, through trials come purpose, through pain come renewed hope and through tears come positive transformation.

Anoama’a school principal Tuvale Leau Va’asa is forever grateful to PELE resolutions for their kind help and support.

“Thank you for this scholarship scheme that will enable our students to further their studies in the university level as we all know some may drop off University in the First Semester as they couldn’t afford to pay and not be able to continue.”

Tuvale also encouraged the recipients not to waste the opportunities and musty strive to get positive results.

Ivona said PELE is supported by a wide range of professionals and organisations such as the Tuaimau Family, Pacific Referral Services, Trader Mecca Samoa and Coast, Hunter, Coffee and Food Distribution.

The thirteen scholarship recipients are Va’asi’itasi Aisoli, Iosua Hanipale, Emma Iose, Faatietie Leaso, Iuliana Maselino, Saleima Moemoe, Francella Nimarota, Ailepata Laga Patu, Tovia Sililo, Rosalia Solomona, Herman Tautolo, Fa’avaivai Tutogi and Mareko Tutogi.