16 new Samoan citizens take oath


Some of the 16 new Samoan citizens taking their oath


APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2017: Commitment to their oath is the message delivered by Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi in his welcoming address of 16 new Samoan citizens who were sworn in this morning.

“The message for you today, is to serve your country with humility, honesty and commitment,” said the Prime Minister at the swearing in ceremonies. “You are not anymore temporary or permanent residents but citizens of Samoa. There is no such thing as automatic citizenship; we have a collective responsibility, and that is to serve and protect this country,” the government leader continued. “We should neither lose sight of our duties as committed Samoans, nor forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens. “Today, your journey as citizens of Samoa has begun.”

All of the 16 citizens have satisfied the law requirements.

This follows a lengthy and meticulous assessment process of applications for Samoan citizenship conducted in accordance with requirements of the Citizenship Act 2004.

Fifteen of them have qualified by virtue of marriage to Samoan citizens pursuant to section 9 of the Act, and one has qualified upon fulfillment of the permanent residence criteria under Section 8.

These candidates have been living with their families in Samoa. Many are working in the private sector as managers, lawyers and entrepreneurs.


Name                                   Country                     Link

Metusela Fiu                         Fiji                              marriage

Akosita Salesa                      Tonga                         marriage

Adi Tamanikaiyaroi                Fiji                              marriage

Shan Usman                          Fiji                              marriage

Brice Waroux                        France                        marriage

Benjamin Harding                USA                            marriage

Doug Makulua Puniani        Tonga                         marriage

Earl Defazio                          USA                           marriage

Franklin Krieger                   USA                            marriage

Jean Hugues Jatier               NZ                             marriage

Glen Allan Huges                Australia                      marriage

Jinghong Li                        China                          marriage

Warren Jopling                   Australia                    marriage

Susan Laban Toomalatai      Fiji                             marriage

Josef Marx                      Germany\Australia         marriage

Amelia Faasau                 Tonga                            marriage