Tongans playing down presence in Fight for Marist

Tonga’s Coach/Trainer Sosaiete Leone (2nd from Left) and boxers Sione Moleni (69 kg) Tomasi Lalakai (75kg) and Ten Hurrell (81kg) in the Fight for Marist Tournament opening Thursday night.

BY Enender Kaiono

APIA SAMOA, WEDNESDAY 08 FEBRUARY 2017: As Samoans would know, putting together a Tongan and a Fijian, the word TogaFiti, means a trick. Having just a Tongan would be just as lethal. But that’s exactly what the Tongan fighters are doing ahead of this Thursdays opening rounds of the two day Fight For Marist Boxing tournament.

Coach/Trainer Sosaiete Leone talked down their presence “as first timers who are looking forward to learning as much from the better developed Samoans.”

“We are very happy to be here and enjoying the benefit our boxers will have to learn from the tournament because Samoa has the higher level of boxing,” Sosaiete Leone told Talamua.

“We wish Tonga had the higher level of boxing development like Samoa, so we can develop boxing much better back home like Samoa,” said Leone.

The three Tongan boxers are all from Nukualofa, Tongatapu. They are Sione Moleni in the 69 kg division, Tomasi Lalakai in the 75kg and Ten Hurrell who will fight in the 81kg weight division.

They are up against elite boxers from Australia, American Samoa and Samoa

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