400 Samoan workers under RSE to leave for New Zealand in 2 weeks

Some of the workers under Recognized Seasonal Employment scheme at the meeting this morning

BY Gerwin Polu

APIA, SAMOA: THURSDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2016: Over 400 local workers will be leaving in two weeks to work in New Zealand under the Recognized Seasonal Employment Scheme.

These workers will be employed by 27 companies mainly in the viti and horticulture industry including Mr. Apple and Thornhill.

The workers today met with the Prime Minister who spoke openly about the problems experienced by past groups and advised the workers to stay away from alcohol, work hard and honestly and always keep in mind their families in Samoa as the main purpose of leaving them behind.

He also said that experience have shown that women employed under the scheme are more productive and perform better and Government may change its’ preference in the future because of this.

Looking into the future, the first group of Samoan carpenters maybe sent over by April this year to help with reconstruction of earthquake stricken Christchurch.

First timer in the scheme Pio Te’o thanked the Government for the opportunity as a sure way to earn money for his family. He previously worked in an office but his earnings never met his family upkeep hence his effort to try a chance under RSE.

“I hope this scheme will be on going for the sake of our people,” he said.  RSE workers listening to PM

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