60 year old woman questioned over grenades send as personal effects

Rula Vaai

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PHOTO: The Salelologa wharf. Traffic was diverted through this road away from the main business center where the grenades were found in a parcel addressed to a 60 year old woman

By Rula Sua-Vaai

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 30 APRIL 2019: Police have questioned a 60 old business woman of Fa’ala, Palauli village in Savaii regarding the grenades that were found in a package addressed to her.

Police told Talamua that 26 pieces declared as personal effects were addressed to the woman. Among them was the parcel that contained the grenades.

The woman has denied knowledge of the contents claiming the effects were from her sister in Australia who used to be married to a former military man.

Police said the Australian Federal Police are tracing the origins of the grenades.

The parcel was identified last night at a mail depot at the Saleologa business centre and the Customs Officer on duty alerted police. It led to the police securing and diverting traffic away from the area up to this afternoon.

The Police patrol boat Nafanua left Apia late this afternoon for Salelologa and officers with training in handling explosives were to explode the grenades at an isolated location.

Police investigations continue.