90th group of US Peace Corps start work in Samoa Primary Schools

Part of the 90th group of US Peace Corps taking their oath and will now start work in Samoa Primary Schools

By Faye Seiuli

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER 2018: The Minister of Education, Sports and Culture, Loau Solamalemalo Keneti Sio, has acknowledged the invaluable contribution provided by the Peace Corps volunteers from the United States in improving literacy and numeracy in local schools.

“Our students’ literacy and numeracy skills continue to be a concern, and I look forward to good progress in the schools where you will be working,” said Loau at the swearing in of the 26 volunteers that make up the 90th group of Peace Corps to have served in Samoa.

Members of the current group were assigned to schools in rural areas to contribute to the work of principals and teachers. The Ministry believes it is a wise choice because it is in the rural areas where the Peace Corps can get to experience the true essence of Samoan culture and way of life.

The Minister acknowledged the Peace Corps for choosing Samoa as their assignment and home country for the next couple years, and acknowledged the host families for the volunteers while they were on their training at Utulaelae and Sapo’e villages.

The US Charge d’ Affaires, Tony Greubel, acknowledged the group for the decisions they have made that have resulted in this stop along their life’s journey and brought them to Samoa.

“I’m delighted that you will soon join the distinguished 89 prior groups – and that you are part of the excellent program we have here in Samoa – a group that has been active since 1967,” said Greubel.

“Take pride in this. I am confident that each of you will maintain the high standards associated with being a Pisi Koa – a Peace Corps Volunteer,” he said.

Greubel reminded the volunteers that they are the vanguard of the U.S. engagement in Samoa and each one of them is a U.S. ambassador to the village in which they serve, and that the work that they are doing is making a difference in people’s lives every day.

The volunteers have just completed an intensive 9-weeks Pre-service Training focusing on technical skills and Samoan language and culture.

After taking their oaths, the Peace Corps volunteers ended the program with a Samoan cultural song and dance they learned during training.

These volunteers will be serving in Samoa for 2 years in villages across Upolu, Savai’i, and Manono Island.

Performing a Samoan siva they learnt over the 9 weeks orientation and training

Peace Corps
Alexandra ‘Aliana’ Rodriguez
Alteira ‘Teira’ Greene
Alyssa ‘Elise’ Quintero
Anika ‘Nita’ Agerlie
Ashley ‘Asi’ Emrich
Bailey ‘Pele’ Uptmore
Carol ‘Tali’ Linde
Claire ‘Lea’ Graham
Dane ‘Tane’ Skorup
Dru ‘Tu’ Sottnick
Eileen ‘Line’ Lane
Fellina ‘Fina’ Fucci
Gabrielle ‘Ele’ Ford
Gwen ‘Kuini’ Zupan
Haley ‘Ali’ Keyser
Jackson ‘Siaki’ Huang
Jennifer ‘Sieni’ McCarthy
Jessica ‘Lesi’ Puyo
Jonathan ‘Tana’ Sabatino
Juan ‘Ioane’ Gonzalez
Kathryn ‘Rina’ Schumacher
Krysta ‘Kisa’ Jewette
Matthew ‘Mataio’ Warden
Rubena ‘Pena’ Ahmed
Sarah ‘Sarai’ Reed
Tycho ‘Tito’ Toothaker