A prisoner and a 11 year old boy tried to kill themselves

Police Superintendent Lemalu Sua Muliaga Tiumalo

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: WEDNESDAY 25 MARCH 2015: An elderly prisoner and an 11 year old boy tried to kill themselves in two separate incidents last week.

Superintendent Lemalu Sua Muliaga Tiumalo told the media the incident involving the prisoner happened Wednesday last week at the prisoners’ family.

Lemalu said the prisoner was on weekend parole, and should return to prison on Monday, however, he did not and did not also notify prison management.

“He knew he would be charged,” said Lemalu.

Lemalu said the prisoner also knew that he would lose his week paroles and so decided not to return, but to end his life.

“He drank a portion of the chlorox chemical on the 16 March 2015 and only the quick action by the medical team saved his live.

The prisoner is serving time for rape.

In a separate incident, an 11 year old boy of Satapuala tried to kill himself after his mother gave him a beating.

The boy attempted suicide by using his school lavalava to hang himself.

Lemalu said the mother told the boy to fetch some chili for their food, but the boy refused.

The mother then gave him a beating and it was sometime later that the mother noticed her son was not with her other children. She told the older boys to find their brother.

“The mother was surprised to see her children carrying her son almost unconscious,” said Lemalu.

The boy was rushed to Leulumoega district hospital where he was treated.

Both the boy and prisoner are recovering well.