A prisoner fears for his life inside prison

The gate to the Tafa’igata Prison

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: FRIDAY 24 JULY 2015: A young man serving time inside Tafa’igata prison is living in fear of any attack from his fellow in-mates after informing the Court of drugs sale inside prison.

The prisoner Maiai Tamamasui Misa Sepa is serving time for theft and was recently given another penalty after being found guilty of possession of marijuana inside prison. He told Court the drugs were planted in his bag.

He exposed the alleged drug sale inside prison while giving evidence in Court.

He also said he was afraid to return to prison because he knew he would be in trouble.

His testimony prompted a failed raid by the Police that found no drugs at the Tafa’igata prison three weeks ago, in what the Police spokesman described as a ‘tip off’ from someone inside.

During yesterday’s press conference, the Ministry of Police spokesperson Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu said since the separation of the administration of Tafa’igata prison and the Ministry of Police, all matters pertaining to prison inmates are handled by the Samoa Prison & Correctional Services.

Asked if they have authority to act if there was a life threatening situation in prison, Su’a said yes.

The procedure however, is for the person who might be threatened to write to the Ministry of Police and explain the situation he /she is in, in a detail account.

Su’a said he will look into the matter and inform his superiors if there was such a case at Tafa’igata.