A tsunami souvenir gun lands man in court



by Lagi Keresoma

APIA: THURSDAY 15 AUGUST 2013: A gun found in debri after the deadly 2009 tsunami ended up costing a man $200 in court costs and a two year suspended sentence.

Further the Police ordered the gun be destroyed.

Charged with being armed with a dangerous weapon, Falesiuono Tuiloi Leae, of Lalomanu, said he had kept the gun has a souvenir of the tsunami.

Officers on duty at Lalomanu Police station confiscated the gun when they saw Falesiuono walking with it towards Litia Resort Beach fales at Lalomanu.

There were bruises on his face and a cut on his head.

The officers took him to Lalomanu District Hospital for treatment.

They had earlier been called to a fight at the resort which Falesiuono was involved.

When they saw the defendant heading back to the resort with the gun they stopped him.

Asked by District Court Judge Vaepule Vaemoa Va’ai what his intention was for the gun, the defendant said he was angry because he been hurt during the fight.

“When you found the gun, what did you plan to do with it?” asked Justice Va’ai.

“I wanted to keep it as a souvenir to remember the tsunami by,” said Falesiuono.

“And now you were going to use it on someone?” the Judge asked.

Falesiuono apologised and blamed temptation by the devil.

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