Accident Compensation Corporation to buy CTScan for National Hospital

Leota Laki Sio of the National Health Services and Malaeulu Niumata of the Accident Compensation Board signing the agreement

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: MONDAY 04 AUGUST 2014: The Accident Compensation Board is to buy a CTScan for the National Hospital at Moto’otua. The agreement to the purchase at a cost of $1.5 million was sealed with a Memorandum of Understanding signed last Friday between the Accident Compensation Corporation and the National Health Service.

NHS sought help from ACC in funding a much needed Scan to replace the one the existing one at the hospital with its limited in scope.

“The current machine is quite limited in scope and functionality and given the advancement in technology, the hospital needs an advance state of the art version which will provide a more detail outcome,” said NHS Chief Executive Officer Leota Laki Sio.

Leota said the new Scan will enable doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis of patients’ situations.

Leota and ACC Chief Executive Officer, Malaeulu Iose signed the MOU.

The Chairman of the ACC Board of Directors, Leao Dr.Tautalatasi John Adams said it was privilege for ACC to assist with the development of health in the country.

Cabinet approved a submission from the Board of Directors to assist NHS with the purchase.

The recommended CT scan is a CT Toshiba Activion 16 slices.

“The importance and significance of the machine to the lives of the people of Samoa is accorded the highest priority and the major reason behind the Boards decision and support,” said Leao.

He said it is in “legislated for rehabilitation purposes including financial assistance to areas deem to benefit accident victims”

A CT Scan provides a timely and accurate assessment of a patient situation which will greatly assist doctors to make a more informed decision, said Leao.

NHS is expected to repay $1.2 million and 5% interest to ACB over a period of 10 years.

ACC also pays direct to the winning bidder to purchase the CT Scan only on the recommendation and approval of NHS.

This is the first commitment under taken between ACC and NHS and the partnership is likely to continue.

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