Afamasaga Faauiga Palepua Mulitalo heads the Ministry of Women


The new CEO of the Ministry of Women, Afamasaga Fa’auiga Palepua Mulitalo

By Rula Sua – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 11 JULY 2018: The new Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Women Community and Social Development (M.W.C.D), Afamasaga Faauiga Palepua Mulitalo hopes to continue implementing the Ministry’s objectives and its strategic approach.

“The Ministry’s objectives is to be able to have the communities, districts as well as the constituencies to be in the forefront for the development of our community.”

“I also would like to look at all areas within the ministry that should be enhanced, not only with the staff, but also in terms of operating systems and procedures to ensure that they respond to needs and wants of the people of our ocuntry.”

Afamasaga had been with the Ministry for more than 30 years. She previously worked for the Ministry of Finance, then moved to Polynesian Airlines before her current job.

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