Alatasi Tupou sent back home to face Rugby Union disciplinary hearing


Alatasi Tupou – the remaining player from the 2010 team that won the world title

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 30 MAY 2018: Manu Samoa Sevens captain Alatasi Tupou has been stood down and sent back to Samoa due to disciplinary reasons.

A Union statement this afternoon said upon arrival, Alatasi will front the Samoan Rugby HPU Integrity Unit.

“SRU expects high standards of conduct from all players and management representing our country with a zero tolerance of any misconduct within any Manu Samoa team.”

“We have made contact with our MS 7s management to stand him down until further notice. He will arrive in the country by the end of the week and will front the Samoan Rugby HPU Integrity Unit for his disciplinary hearing.”

The team is preparing for the last two legs of the world series and the World Cup and its substandard performance had been under much public scrutiny lately.