American Corner Grants US$14,000 and learning materials

Successful grantees of the American Corner with the US Charge d’ Affaires Antone Greubel

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 11 OCTOBER 2018:  The American Corner at the Nelson Memorial Library in Apia, has taken delivery of new computers, educational and learning materials, furniture and décor, as well as another year of free internet for all students of Samoa.  

“I’m very happy to be able to support the American Corner again this year. Since 2010 this Corner has been a source of brand new books, movies, educational games, computers, programming and even free internet,” said the US Charge d’ Affaires Antone Greubel.

“The large success of the American Corner truly comes from our strong partnership with MESC and our local NGO’s, who make the American Corner, I believe, one of the best educational hubs in Samoa.”  

A total of USD $14,000 (WST $33,000) from the American Spaces Support Funds was granted to Samoa’s American Corner, which is located on the second floor of the Nelson Memorial Library in Apia. This grant was provided for by U.S. Embassy in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Culture in an effort to enhance English literacy, education, and programming here in Samoa.

The Assistant CEO of the Ministry of Education, Ms Perenise Stowers browsing through some of the new books and materials.

Part of the grant money will go to three local organizations to assist with educational and cultural programming at the American Corner as means to target the larger Samoan community.

USD $2,000 was granted to the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Culture to continue great cultural programming for adults, students, and children. Another USD $2,000 was granted to Ms. Quenjule Slaven, director of Turn A Life Program which proactively provides free educational resources, scholarships, and tutoring for street vendor children. USD$1,000 was granted to Samoa Gridiron which provides free two day weekly tutorials for college students, with careful attention towards students in the Samoa Gridiron program.  

This year, the remaining funds focused on branding the American Corner to be an even friendlier learning center by the supply of more technological resources, continued free internet access, increased learning materials and even a minor renovation.  

New computers purchased to further assist students

Everything provided in the American Corner would not have been made possible without the support of local businesses in Samoa, the proactive partnership of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the American Spaces Support Funds. 

The ultimate goal is to continue supporting students and learners of Samoa by providing free internet access, educational resources, and academic support through the American Corner.