“An act of animals in human forms” Samoa Muslim President condemns Christchurch mosques killings

PHOTO: The President of the Samoa Muslim Community, Mohammed Dr. Ibin Yahya, also known as Mohammed Laulu Dr. Daniel Stanley

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 18 MARCH 2019: The President of the Samoa Muslim Community today condemned the killings of Muslims in two Christchurch mosques last Friday as “a terrorist attack and an act of animals in human forms.”

Mohammed Dr. Ibin Yahya told Talamua that “Any terrorist attack whether by a Muslim, Christian, Jew or anyone else is an act by an animal in human form, because any person that comes and terrorise good people is an animal.”

Also known as Mohammed Laulu Dr. Daniel Stanley, he described the attack as “a very low act by someone who showed no mercy even to the young victims of his attack.”

He said the attack on two separate Muslim mosques that had claimed 50 lives and injured 50 other worshippers was a premeditated action.

“There is a reason behind the attack and although one man is blamed for the attack there is a rich man paying the gun man to destroy the harmony in New Zealand,” said Laulu.

Anger from other Muslims communities
As grieving families are coming to terms with the sudden and violent loss of loved ones, Laulu said some reactions of the international Muslims are of anger and revenge.

“People around the world are reacting to this attack with some Muslims wanting revenge, and we are trying to mellow down the thinking of (some) Muslims,” said Laulu.

He made specific reference to the reaction from a Muslim leader in Turkey who responded and recommended sending someone to avenge the attack.

“As one of the leaders of the Muslims in the Pacific, I responded reminding my fellowman in Turkey that, that was not the way of God, and to leave the Pacific to handle matters in their own way,” said Laulu.

The Samoa Islamic Center at Vaiusu

He said they have to analyse what happened whether it was hate towards Muslims or New Zealand that sparked the attack.

He also confirmed that he did not know about the attack until the (local) police arrived at his house around 6.30pm, four hours after the attack.

Special Memorial Service For Christchurch Victims
Laulu also said that a special memorial service for the victims will be held this coming Friday at the Samoa Muslim Center at Vaiusu.

“Friday is always our Special Prayer Day and we have decided to hold Memorial Service for the victims and their families after the prayer meeting,” said Laulu.