Apia village mayor takes EPC to Court


Apia village mayor, Tuiletufuga Siaosi Tuiletufuga and EPC’s Chief Executive, Tologata Tile Tuimalealiifano

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA –FRIDAY 22 DECEMBER 2017:  The Apia village mayor, Tuiletufuga Siaosi Tuiletufuga, is taking the Electric Power Corporation to court over the use the land at Lelata as access road to a part of Maagiagi village known as Ueligitone (Wellington).

Tuiletufuga told Talamua that the Corporation has abused his kindness by allowing the use of his land for their work.

“They (EPC) did not do what they should have done. They should compensate my land as they have done before,” he explained. Tuiletufuga added that the Corporation went ahead and built another access road to Ueligitone through his land without his permission.

“There was never a road planned for Ueligitone through my land over the last 175 years.”  Tuiletufuga said the access road was just for him and his family.

The entrance to the access road under dispute at Lelata has been blocked with rocks and boulders.

However, the Electric Power Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Tologata Tile Tuimalealiifano disputed any compensation claim.

“The only thing Tuiletufuga wanted was to stop the road works to Ueligitone and he did not ask for compensation.”

Tologata says the Corporation has agreed that there will be no access road through Tuiletufuga’s land, and they are looking at alternatives to build an access road to Ueligitone which the corporation needs to use to access its equipment further inland.

“There have been negotiations with some families of Magiaagi and hopefully by next year we will have something solid,” said Tologata.

He said he understands the concerns raised by Tuiletufuga because there have been issues over the use of the disputed access road by some people of who live in the remote area called Ueligitone.

The matter is now before the Supreme Court.