Archbishop of York challenges industrialized countries to stop polluting the global home

The Archbishop of York ,the Most Reverend Toasavili Dr. John Santamu with Great Britain’s Honorary Consul to Samoa, Her Excellency Taulapapa Brenda Heather-Latu during the press conference in Apia

By Lagi Keresoma

“Samoa’s greatest argument against the developers is her commitment to renewable energy” – Archbishop of York His Grace the Most Reverend Dr. John Santamu.

APIA, SAMOA: TUESDAY 04 AUGUST 2015: Climate change, social injustice and women were amongst the issues the Archbishop of York, His Grace Toasavili Dr. John Santamu spoke about during his visit to Samoa last week.

His Grace said he always speaks about climate change ever y where he goes and his message is always the same – “Stop Polluting Our Global Home”.

As the second highest leader of the Church of England, His Grace uses this status not only to promote peace but to speak out for the vulnerable and weak who suffer the consequence of the actions of the powerful.

His Grace was quick to respond when asked if he would add his voice to the pleas of the small islands in the Pacific in persuading the developed and industrialized countries like Russia, United States, China and Australia to reverse their action which cause critical effects on climate change.

“The Church of England has a fantastic tough policy on ethical investment of investing in renewable energy only,” said Archbishop Santamu.

He said the Church has withdrawn her fund from some companies and commit to renewable energy companies.

“I have a voice to speak up for my brother and sister because of the action of someone in England,” said Archbishop Santamu.

“His Grace said he will not listen to someone that says religion and politics do not mix.”

He said Jesus Christ was the redeemer and there would not be life and love if it was not for Jesus who loves the whole world.

His Grace said he will not stick to preaching salvation alone.

“When I return I need to collect correct information and act on it,” he said.

“The sea level rise dilemma is the action of industrialized countries who are creating chaos to our global village.”

He told the media in Samoa that as a member of the House of Lords in England, he has a responsibility to raise these issues with the Lords.

“I will say Samoa is doing a great thing enhancing and investing on renewable energy, what are you and the rest of the world doing,” said Archbishop Santamu.

He said good leaders are needed not only to lead, but to make wise decisions.

“We do not need science because we know there is global warming, and the sea water level is rising which has nothing to do with you people here in Samoa, but because of somebody miles away is creating this problem affecting you. That’s why we need capable leaders,” said Archbishop Santamu.

As for the Church of England, they are cleaning up their act now, said His Grace.