Auckland youth members fall victim to dengue fever

Part of the young people during the rally’s opening last Sunday

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: Friday 13 July 2012: More than 10 members of the Malaeola Youth Group from Auckland, New Zealand are currently under the care of local doctor Esmay Ah Leong at her Leauva’a residence after falling ill to what that is suspected to be dengue fever.

Some of the patients have been treated and released except for the serious one. Ah Leong’s residence has been turned into a temporary clinic to accommodate the patients.

A member of the group said that most of the patients have complained of diarrhea, vomiting, fever and numbness of the body after the second day of the Youth Camp at the Catholic Church Pastoral Centre at Leauva’a.

The major concern is that dengue fever is contagious and that more and more people maybe infected given the number of young people staying at the centre for the rally. A member of the group told Talamua that they have prepared for the rally for many months to share and be part of the youth week, but now most of them have missed it.

Another member is blaming the organisers of the programme. He said that Malaeola group have been moved around from dorm to dorm the day they arrived at Leauva’a. Then they discovered that there was a problem with the water supply. On their fist night at Leauva’a (Sunday) some of them had to travel all the way back to town to use their families showers. This was after the opening mass around 11pm last Sunday night.

Malaeola is the biggest group at this weeks Catholic youth celebration and despite the good presentation put up Wednesday night, it was not all 100% as some of the soloist in the group had fallen ill and could not perform.

The long week celebration ends Saturday 14 July with the ordination of new priests to the priesthood.

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