Australian female tourist says Thank You Samoa


Australian tourist Jo Archer with the Aga Resort in the background where she recuperated after her accident

BY Lance Polu

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 19 JULY 2016: As the Australian public had been told of a young couples harrowing experience and posed questions about Samoa’s safety as a tourist destination, another female Australian visitor is full of praises about the place.

Jo Archer is from Longford, Tasmania, Australia and she had an accident on her second day in Samoa. Her experience about the care she received moved her to post this story on the Talamua facebook on 6 July.  We share it with our readers in the face of the negative impact generated by the traumatic experience of the young couple Angie Jackson and Tommy Williams also from Tasmania, in the hands of an escaped prisoner in September last year. Here is Jo Archer in her own words.

“Thank you Samoa – A Great Place to Visit: Great Medical Care”

“I am visiting this stunning country from another beautiful island: TASMANIA, in Australia. On my second day of a two week holiday, I fell and broke my leg on the steep track of Mt. Vaea and I could not have received better emergency and hospital care anywhere in the world.

“A group of warm, caring, and very strong, Parks and emergency and fire service (ALPHA SHIFT) volunteers carried me off the Mountain and delivered me to Apia Hospital. These young men were respectful, reassuring and took such care to make the tricky journey as comfortable as possible. Samoa should be proud of these young men.

“At the Apia hospital I received professional assessment, care, X-rays and treatment all within a few hours: which was much faster than I would have been treated in most Australian hospitals! All local staff were proficient, communicative and reassuring. It was also a pleasure to be supported by two charming Irish interns whose caring manner was only enhanced by that stunning Irish humour!

“I came to learn about this beautiful country – and to swim, walk, dive and enjoy adventure activities. While there will be no adventure for me as I continue my journey in plaster, I have learnt that this is a beautiful, clean, country with a big heart, welcoming people and excellent facilities. We will be back next year to catch up on the activities we have missed and enjoy the climate – and, as importantly, to share the human warmth that Samoa exudes.

“Thanks to everyone who helped me yesterday: I am deeply grateful.

“Now recuperating at beautiful Aga Reef Resort – and being spoiled by Derek and his great team.”

Jo ArcherJo Archer – Longford, Tasmania, Australia
Posted: July 6th at 3:44pm