Australian students return after Swine flu cut short Samoan trip

By Lance Polu

APIA: Thursday 18 June 2009 – 29 students and teachers from Melbourne Australia return today via Auckland after their planned study tour was cut short when one of the students was confirmed with the swine flu virus and the whole group quarantined at their hotel.

Eight Samoan workers who were in contact with the visitors, were also quarnatined for a week as a precautionary measure. Secuirty officers at the hotel said that some angry villagers around the hotel made angry remarks towards the Melbourne group telling them to leave the country as they were bringing in an unwanted disease.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health’s prevention work against the swine flu have been strengthened with the donation of medical and prevention equipment and 32,000 tamiflu tablets by the World Health Organization this week. The donation was in response to the Ministry of Health’s call following the confirmation of one H1N1 case in Samoa at the beginning of this week.

The WHOs Acting Project Management Officer, Yogendra Thami said there another shipment of 9000 tamiflu tablets coming from Manila next week. He gave te assurance that WHO will be providing more medical supplies to help should there be an outbreak of the virus in the country.

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