Australian Volunteers will Help Save Lives

The new volunteers with the Australian High Commissioner, Stephen Henningham

APIA: Three new Australian Volunteers arrived in Samoa this week, to work on projects to help save lives. The volunteer program is funded through the Australian Government’s overseas aid agency, AusAID.


Erin Doyle and Emily Cox will be Surf Life Saving Trainers with the Samoa Tourism Authority (STA). Charlotte Pickering will work with the Samoa AIDS Foundation, assisting with awareness, prevention, and support for Samoans living with this grave ailment.

Australian High Commissioner, Stephen Henningham welcomed the volunteers.

“You are here to support Samoa’s progress, as part of the Development Partnership between Australia and Samoa,” Dr Henningham said.

“As Australian Volunteers, you will also be helping to strengthen Australia and Samoa’s relationship by building strong friendships and connections.

“As you learn about Samoa’s culture and way of life, you will enrich your experience and understanding.”

Australian volunteers first started coming to Samoa in 1972. With the arrival of these three new volunteers, the total number of Australian volunteers to have served in Samoa is now 413.

The new arrivals will join the 17 other Australian Volunteers who are already working in Samoa.

The volunteers are part of the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program which places volunteers in a range of areas, from Government ministries to local non-government organizations and sporting associations.

Quotes from some of the new Australian Volunteers

Erin Doyle
will be working as a Surf Lifesaving Trainer with the Samoa Tourism Authority

“I hope that during my time in Samoa I am able to help create programs that can be continued in the future by sharing my skills and knowledge that I was lucky to gain in Australia through Surf Lifesaving.

“I have been involved in Surf Lifesaving for 14 years and have lived near the water my whole life. I hope to use the skills and knowledge I have developed from this to share my love of the ocean with Samoa and help to make it a safer environment that everyone can enjoy and feel confident in.”

Emily Cox will be volunteering as a Surf Lifesaving Trainer with the Samoa Tourism Authority.


“Samoa seems to have a relaxed atmosphere and a culture where family comes first. I think Australian’s could learn a lot from Samoan’s way of life.


“I hope to be able to assist STA in building the surf lifesaving skills of Samoan’s who use these skills at their workplace, but also adults and children within the Samoan community as a whole.”


Charlotte Pickering will be working with the Samoa AIDS Foundation.
“The Samoan AIDS Foundation’s vision and aims reflect my own professional goals, and I look forward to working with the community to develop a strategic plan that reflects their needs and wants for the organisation’s future.
“I am really excited to be embarking on this adventure. I cannot wait to immerse myself in Samoan life and culture. I look forward to sharing and learning as a member of the Samoa AIDS Foundation team.”

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