Barking dogs alerted would be victim of an attacker

By Meripa Gospel Uelese
APIA: TUESDAY 17 JUNE 2014: The continuous barking of dogs woke up a young mother of two only to come face to face with a “moetolo”an attacker inside her family’s mosquito net.
It was late at night and the young mother and her children were sleeping alone.
When she woke up, she thought the man in the mosquito net was her husband returning from a night out.
Instead, it was TenisiFarani, 36 years old of Tufulele, a cousin of her husband.
The young mother asked Tenisi where her husband was, instead, she was forcibly grabbed by Tenisi.
The mother fought back and a struggle between the two ended with the young mother pinned down and her mouth covered.
She managed to let out a scream calling her husband and brother –in-law’s names.
Her brother-in-law heard the scream and guided by the light of his mobile phone, rushed to his sister-in-law’s house as Tenisi tried to escape.
The brother-in-law caught Tenisi and a fight broke out.
The young mother grabbed her young sleeping children and ran to her neighbours’ house and called the police.
Tenisi was charged with one count of attempted rape and one of assault with intention.
Justice Vui Clarence said the offense was serious.
The defendant was drunk when the incident happened and it was unfortunate for him to enter the wrong mosquito net.
The defendant is a first offender and his village pastor spoke highly of the defendants’ character and service to the church and the village.
The Court took into account the pastors testimonial and sentencedTenisi to 5 ½ years in jail.