Boys head severed by passing truck

The regular buses at the Fugalei market depot

BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA: TUESDAY 5 NOVEMBER 2013: A boy passenger on a bus was killed this morning when a lorry struck his head as the two vehicles passed each other at Solosolo.

It’s believed, Anthony Samoana, 11, of Lalomauga, died instantly.

Grieving relatives gathered at the chapel of Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital this afternoon for a prayer service for the boy.

They said Anthony was on the Lalomauga bus heading to town, where he attends Seventh Day Adventist school at Lalovaea.

He sat on the lap of another passenger at a window seat and his head stuck out the window at the time of the accident.

Workers and other students from the village were on board the bus heading into town at the time of the accident.

Relatives of the deceased said other students were injured when the lorry slid along the side of the bus as they passed each other.

Amongst the passengers were Anthony’s mother who works as a cleaner at a government building, they said.

The boy’s body has been released to his family.

His relatives talked to media as they waited for a pastor from Lalomauga to arrive to conduct the service at the hospital chapel.

They want permission from the authorities for the boy to be laid to rest today.