Boys relay team wins first CYGames medal for Samoa

Samoa Athletics Team Coaches Ah Chong Sam Chong, Asiata Sola and Nathaniel Soloupu at the Apia Park this afternoon

BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA: TUESDAY 8 SEPTEMBER 2015: Samoa secured its first medal last night at the track when the boys won Silver at the 4 x 4 relay.

Although posted last night as having won Silver, the confusion remained this afternoon with Samoa’s athletic coaches Asiata Sola and Ah Chong Sam Chong saying the medal won yesterday was a bronze, not silver.

“We won the bronze and the girls 4×4 relay team was disqualified off their silver,” said Asiata.

The Samoa boys team for the relay were  Leo Tiasasa, Mathew  Kolio, William Brown and Tenisi Lui.

Asiata acknowledged the teams effort in securing a place in the race.

He said that the team which had been on training for 7 months has shown great potential and this is the first time most of them have been exposed to such a level of international competition.

“They have done well,” said Sam Chong.

According to Asiata, despite the athletic team not securing top positions, the  perseverance of these young athletes have shown throughout the two days of competition.

On the  field events, Asiata said it would be tough but he is positive Nathaniel Sulupo and Gerard Ah-Nau, both from New Zealand will be competitive in their field events of shot-put and discuss later today.

Asiata believes that the Government of Samoa and the Sports Federation could utilise the sports facility well by using it to develop the young talents of Samoa.

Both Asiata and Sam Chong came to support the teams preparation and found themselves thrown deep into coaching the 42 members of the athletics squad.

On the second day of competition, Australia is leading with 5 Golds and a total of 16 medals, South Africa is second with 5 golds and a total of 8 medals and third is England with 3 golds and an overall total of 10 medals.

Fiji is the only Pacific island country to have won a gold medal and a silver.