Brother charged for sister’s murder

Some illegal guns held by Police

By Aiga Tofilau

APIA: THURSDAY 18 OCTOBER 2012: A 23 year old male of Matautu, Lefaga, Tasi Pepe Keneti has been charged for the murder of his 21 year old sister Olive Pepe Keneti. The incident happened at Samoa Trust Estates Corporation plantation at Mulifanua.

The accused worked at the plantation and his sister stayed with him and his wife.

The Acting Police Commissioner, Leaupepe Fatu Pula said this was an accident as the brother did not know his sister was behind the kitchen when the gun went off and hit her in the stomach. Police were told that the brother only knew his sister was shot when some of his family members called that his sister was hit in her stomach by the gun shot.

Family members rushed her to the hospital and she died later that night.

“The 12 shot gun involved was an unlawful weapon as it wasn’t licensed,” said Leaupepe.

Police is continuing investigations and the accused has yet to appear in Court.

In a separate incident, Police found two other unlawful weapons at Satapuala last Friday when Police were informed by a neighbour about the guns. Police found a 303 riffle and a 22 single shot gun and charges have yet to be laid.

The involvement of illegal guns in recent murder cases have prompted Police to consider another gun amnesty when members of the public can surrender illegal weapons within a time frame without facing any charges. The last gun amnesty was in 2006.

“Government has in place very strict laws against the use and possession of unlawful weapons in the country,” said Leaupepe.

“Police also works very closely with other border control agencies such as Customs to monitor the entry of unlawful weapons into the country.”

Police have yet to announce the details of a gun amnesty if it is going ahead.