Cabinet awards $3.5m talā contracts for Samoa2019 Pacific Games Catering

The Aquatic Centre at the Tuanaimato Sports Complex


APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 15 APRIL 2019: Cabinet has awarded the Pacific Games catering contract to two local businesses, Denzal Services and Feepo Company Limited.

  • Denzal ServicesST$1,200,000 (to provide Catering at the Samoa College Food Court)
  • Feepo Company LtdST$2,156,250 (to provide Catering at the Gym 3 Food Court)

With breakfast being provided by the accommodation providers, the two Cateres will be responsible for providing lunch and dinner meals for athletes and officials at these two locations.

The tenders were evaluated based on the conditions set out in the Request for Tender document, the stipulations of the Treasury Instructions 2016 and the Samoa Tenders Board Guideline for Government Procurement and Contracting: Goods, Works and General Services 2016.