Cabinet gives Avele College one final chance to reopen


Some of the students, parents, teachers and old pupils association behind the Government Building receiving the news about reopening the college

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA: MONDAY 16 MAY 2016: Cabinet has agreed to reopen Avele College tomorrow and will be the last chance should the school be involved in any future violence against other schools.

The decision was relayed in a special meeting today after giving the schools administration, parents and teachers association (PTA) and the Avele Old Pupils Association (ACOPA)  an ultimatum last week to provide conditions that are worthy reopening the school.

Some students, teachers, parents and members of the Old Pupils Association gathered behind the government building singing hymns and songs while awaiting the decision.

Avele college principal Matafeo Reupena Matafeo was excited about the decision.

“We are so excited about the Cabinet decision, personally, this is a wake-up call for the PTA and ACOPA, and the school to revisit responsibilities and where to improve,” said Matafeo.

Matafeo said this chance, is a way for them to prove to people that can return Avele back to its glory.

“We are not perfect in executing our roles, but this is a chance to re-develop and better our responsibilities,” said Matafeo.

Asked about their proposal and undertaking to government to resolve the problems, Matafeo said they are looking at negotiating with the 2 telephone mobile company’s for assistance in ways they could monitor or filter the posts on social media that have incited the students’ violence.

The recent fighting and threats posted on social media by an Avele student, prompted Cabinet to close the school last week, and on Thursday, members of the PTA, ACOPA and school met with Cabinet.

“We were given a chance to give an undertaking that should Avele is reopened, there will be no more trouble from the students,” said ACOPA President Papali’i Tagalotele Poloa.

The Cabinet decision was based on the proposed promise and the police report, and Tuilaepa will front the students and teachers at assembly time when the school reopens Wednesday this week.

Matafeo acknowledged the support of the public and promise to deliver a “new Avele” after what has happened.

He also said only a few students at 0.01% are the cause of the trouble and they are ones that should be screened, whilst the rest are there for academic purposes.

Only a few parents and old students turned up today to await the Cabinet decision, and after receiving the good news, they paused for prayer and many shed tears of thanks and joy.

The teachers are now working to prepare the school for reopening tomorrow.

Singing hymns and praying after the decision was delivered

Some of the parents and students singing hymns and praying after the decision was delivered


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