CCCS Choir Vailoa, Faleata to launch Hymns Album

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PHOTO: The CCCS Vailoa-tai Faleata choir


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APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 15 MAY 2019: The Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (CCCS) choir from Vailoa-tai, Faleata will launch their first compact disc (CD) album Friday this week, at the EFKS Hall, Mulinuu.

The launch will coincide with the Church’s Main Conference at Malua which started early this week and xpects to bring together CCCS Church Ministers and members from Samoa and abroad.

The choir is made up of 75 members under the leadership of their Church Minister, Reverend Siaosi Mataia.

The Choir Chairman is Laufiso Tusigaigoa, and the Pianist is Leatinu’u Keneti Peseta.

Rev. Siaosi Mataia said there are 12 songs in the album, which are all from the CCCS Hymn Book.

“The name of our album is from one of the songs within the CD, Pei o le ua e sūsū ai matou loto nei. That is a song on page 115 from the CCCS book of hymns but to us it means our never-ending prayer to the Lord for his blessings upon us all,” said Reverend Mataia.

“It is because we cannot do everything in life without the Lord’s help and also to always serve and acknowledge him.

“The album is not only for fundraising purposes but to also assist the church and to acknowledge the work that we have done so far.”

Reverend Mataia also said that despite the many difficulties and challenges the choir had faced, they always managed to stand together with God’s help.

Some of the challenges include the attendance and availability of choir members at the times of the recordings which took them three weeks to complete. Then there is financing the CDs production costs and preparing for the launch on Friday.

“We relied on God’s guidance and assistance which helped us every step of the way. The significance of this album is to use the talents by our choir to not only praise the Lord through hymns but also all for a good cause,” he said.

The CD album will be sold at $30 talā a copy.