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Eight-year-old Imogen Myer (back right) and classmates at Vaiala Beach School organising a fundraiser to purchase a nebuliser machine for the Childen’s Ward of the National Hospital at Moto’otua

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 26 MARCH 2018: An eight-year-old girl and her classmates have raised funds to donate medical equipment to the Children’s Ward at the Moto’otua National hospital.

Imogen Myer is a girl with a plan. She had an idea to help the kids in hospital, so she organised the kids from her class at Vaiala Beach School to bake morning tea for the staff at SPREP. In exchange for the morning tea, the staff at SPREP raised and donated $1750 talā.

“I wanted to help the kids in hospital after I read a book called the Midnight Gang by David Williams,” said Ms. Imogen Myer.

“It is a story about some sick kids who help each other to be happy. My teacher agreed that our class could help, and we went to my dad’s work to raise some money.”

Imogen Meyer and sister Avalon Meyer with Dr. Ulugia Tito Kamu and staff of the Childrens Ward with the nebuliser machine bought with the funds raised

The money raised was used to buy 2 nebulisers for the children’s ward.  A nebuliser is a machine that creates a mist of medicine, which is then breathed in through a mask or mouthpiece.  It is often used to help people sick with asthma.

There was enough money left over to pay for some paint for a mural to be painted on the wall of the library in the children’s ward.  The theme of the mural will be a coral reef.  A coral reef was chosen as the subject as it is something that will appeal to all age groups.

Imogen’s idea inspired many children and adults to participate in the fundraising event, with many offers of donations coming from other countries via social media.

“People liked our idea and wanted to help,” said Imogen. “Thank you to everyone who gave donations.”

Imogen comes from Nelson, New Zealand and has lived in Samoa since moving here last August with her sister Avalon, their parents and their jack russell terrier named Jet.  Imogen’s initiative has made her parents and their community very proud. Her dad works at SPREP.

Imogen Meyers who came up with the brilliant idea

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