China Electronic Learning Platforms to boost Samoa’s education


China’s Ambassador Wang Xefeng writes on the screen as the Minister of Education Loau Keneti Sio looks on

BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 03 JANUARY 2017: Already, the era of blackboards and chalks is phasing out and be gone – ultimately.

Today, Samoa’s top educators and policy makers were introduced to the replacement – Electronic Platforms thanks to a gift from Peoples Republic of China.

Today, Ambassador Wang Xefeng handed over 7 sets of electronic learning platforms to the Minister of Education Loau Keneti Sio. The electronic equipment which the teacher can write on the screen with his/her finger will be used in selected colleges in Upolu and Savai’i.

The platform devices or screens have built-in computer systems and applications, that will help cut long hours of manual researches for teachers.

The devices are directly built with a greater variety of applications and sources, touch screen which is the same as tablets and smartphones, and appropriately called the “Learning Platform.”

Ambassador Wang said this technology has been used successfully and effectively in class in many schools in China.

“It also brought about many important changes in teaching methods and interaction with teachers,” he said.

He said today’s event was more of a friendship handover and a gift from the people of China for Samoa.

“We are happy to share technology and also train teachers on how to use the technology,” said Ambassador Wang.

This is the second donation of school equipment from China with the first donated to Samoa College in 2015.

Assistant Chief Executive Officer for Information, Communications, Technology & Media, Manutulila Werner Kappus demonstrating the use of the Electronic Platforms

The Minister for Education, Sports and Culture, Loau Keneti Sio said that in 2015, China, through the mayor of Guadong Province signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with Samoa, for school equipment, and China is honouring that agreement, with more coming in later.

“This is a milestone for education in Samoa, and it will make learning much more interesting, effective and enjoyable,” said Loau.

He said it will provide option for communication, video conferencing and lessons taught at one school can be also taught at another.

The Minister emphasized the importance of these devices to “our long term struggle with teacher shortages, especially in some crucial subjects such as Maths and Science.”

The platforms will be allocated to four colleges in Savaii including Palauli College, Mataeaevave College, Itu o Tane College and Alofiotaoa College.

Three colleges in Upolu include Safata College, Lefaga College and A’ana College. Samoa College received theirs in 2015.

MESC Assistant Chief Executive Officer for Information, Communication Technology & Media Manutulila Werner Kappus demonstrated how the devices are used for the as school principals and MESC staff.

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