Chinese Ambassador calls on the world to be climatically responsible


Chinese Ambassador Wang Xeufeng presenting China’s Climate Change Support fund of US$150,000 to the Director of the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme Kosi Latu

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 08 AUGUST 2017:  The Peoples Republic of China Ambassador to Samoa His Excellency Wang Xeufeng is calling on the world and all parties involved in the Paris agreement to be climatically responsible.

“We believe the Paris Agreement embodies the broadest international consensus on climate change and all parties should cherish and maintain this hard work outcome and resolutely implement concept for innovation, coordination and shared development,” said Ambassador Wang.

He made the call when presenting China’s climate change support fund of US$150,000 to the Director of the South Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP) Kosi Latu in a brief ceremony yesterday.

“I believe by working together more, we can more effectively tackle the challenges of climate change,” said Ambassador Wang.

He said more priority should be placed upon climate change issues and this is one of the reasons behind China’s annual financial support to SPREP.

“China was one of the first countries to submit its intended national determined contribution to the United Nations climate programs, and China has taken effective actions to actively cope with climate change and achieved remarkable results,” said Ambassador Wang.

“As a major responsible developing country, China will continue to work steadfastly to implement the Paris climate deal and join hands with all parties to tackle climate change,” he said.

He noted the direct impact of environment on the Pacific economic development and people’s daily activities

“In Samoa, the Chinese Government stays firmly committed to join efforts with the Samoan Government in addressing climate change,” he added.

He congratulated SPREP for its achievements and work done for the benefit of all Pacific nations.

He also congratulated Samoa for hosting the Pacific Leaders Forum in September and Fiji for being the co-chairperson for the COP23 conference in Germany later in the year.

Kosi Latu acknowledged the support and said SPREP and China’s friendship started in 1998.

Ambassador Wang and his team were shown brief video clips of SPREP’s work and the challenges faced by the regional environmental organisation.

“As one of the major organisation in this region, we play an important role in environmental issues together with other countries,” said Latu.

He said in the past SPREP struggled to “get political support in funding, as we were  always seen as something in the  back-end of many things, but  due to the  importance of climate change, countries  are beginning to give it more priority because of  the link between  climate science which provides that need for negotiations.”

Last week, US Ambassador to Samoa Scott Brown criticized China for dumping cement into the ocean as it builds a militarized zone in the South China sea.