Chinese Volunteer beaten to death

Part of the seawall on the eastern side of the government building in central Apia

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA SAMOA – TUESDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 2018: Police are questioning suspects in relation to the death of a Chinese man whose dead body was found on the seawall behind the Government Building last Saturday night.

Charles Chao Cao was a volunteer teacher at Samoa College under the Chinese Volunteer Programme. His partner Shine Taei Meli, is a Samoan from Sa’anapu.

Shine Meli told Talamua that they planned to extend for Charles stay in Samoa, settle down, and then establish a business. “What we do, is we sell our vegetables and oka (raw fish) on Friday night at the Bingo. It’s a start but we had plans for our future.”

Shine said, on the night of the accident, Charles told her that he was taking a stroll on the seawall and to call him when she is finished selling oka so she can pick her up.

“After 9pm, Charles called me and sent me his photo to tell me where he was, on the seawall, but I was not sure.

“It was the second time when he called me to pick him up, that I heard voices on the background, and then I heard nothing,” said Shine Meli.

“I kept calling him, but there was no answer.”

Charles and Sine Meli during happier times

Getting worried, Shine Meli picked up her mother from home then went look for Charles. They went to Mulinu’u then all the way to Matautu but he was nowhere to be found.

Shine said they saw the police lights behind the government building, and they decided to go there with her mother.

“I walked straight to where a body was leaning against the rocks of the seawall, and saw it was Charlie, I then told the police he was my husband,” said Shine Meli.

“He was in a sitting position leaning against the rocks, his head was sagging on the other side of the rock, and his face was covered with blood and swollen. I felt weak and I almost fainted.”

Still shocked at Charles sudden loss, Shine is angry and said that she will never forgive the person or persons who did that to her partner – not even a traditional apology.

“That would never bring him back.”