Commission of Inquiry in to prison takes a break

Tafaigata Prison which members of the Commission of Inquiry visited yesterday.

Tafaigata Prison which members of the Commission of Inquiry visited yesterday.

BY Alan Ah Mu

APIA: MONDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2013: The Commission of Inquiry into Tafaigata Prison has taken a two week break and reconvenes on 15 October.

The inquiry held its seventh day of hearing last Friday and heard one witness in public, Senior Sergeant Kerisiano Lale of Tafaigata prison.

Senior Sergeant Lale was called to speak about a range of issues relating to the administration of Tafaigata prison which included the structure of the Tafaigata prison, the number of prisoners in all prison facilities at Tafaigata, Vaiaata, Olomanu and all the police out posts, custody related issues, policies relating to postings outside of prison and deportees housed at Tafaigata.

The Commission after hearing from Senior Sergeant Lale subsequently held hearings in private for the remainder of the day, says a release from Sine Lafaialii-Koria who along with Sefo Ainuu are two lawyers from the Attorney General’s Office who are assisting the commission.

“The evidence in private were all from prisoners,” Lafaialii-Koria says.

The lawyers invite submissions from interested persons on issues related to Tafaigata Prison.

Counsel Assisting will also be looking at issues relating to the Maritime Wing of the Ministry of Police and Prison during the two week break period.

Interested persons with information relating to that matter may contact Counsel Assisting Lafaialii-Koria or Ainuu should they wish to make submissions to the Commission.

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