Complaint by woman wrongfully detained by police set for July

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PHOTO: Complainant Katerina Lesatele for being wrongfully detained by police

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 12 MARCH 2019: The court hearing of the complaint by a woman who was wrongfully arrested and detained by police as the blogger OLP, is now set for July this year.

Katerina Lesatele, who prefers to be called Stoira, appeared in the Supreme Court yesterday, represented by lawyer Muriel Lui.

Outside of court, Katerina said she has moved on, but deep down, she is hurt over the incident.

“Leaving my 7 year old child unattended, my elderly father, and my brother with special needs at home, is not on.”

Katerina was arrested around Easter in 2017 and detained in prison for five days.

She said she is suing the police for $1.5million talā.

She was charged under the Crimes Act 2013, for “harassment utilising means of electronic communication.”

The charge can land a person in jail for not more than five years.

The charges stemmed from a post Stoira posted about a church minister and his daughter.