Court allows Worship Centre’s new church against noise levels

Pastor Viliamu Mafo'e if the Samoa Worship Centre

Pastor Viliamu Mafo’e if the Samoa Worship Centre

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: MONDAY 8 APRIL 2013: The Samoa Worship Center Mission will build a multimillion tala church in Sogi as soon as possible after the Supreme Court ruled in its favour in a long standing dispute.

“We praise God for answering our prayers,” said Pastor Fa’apopo, Worship Center Evangelism Coordinator.

But the church must adhere to a sound level limit set by PUMA (Planning and Urban Management Agency).

“We have acquired the service of an acoustic engineer from New Zealand to help with our sound system,” said Pastor Fa’apopo,

The matter goes back to 2009.

Next door neighbour, Hotel Millenia Samoa, complained to the court that services held by the church were too loud.

The church was ordered to lower the volume to below 55 decibels.

The church services were then held under tents.

PUMA allowed Worship Center to build a church building with a sound limit as one of the conditions for approval.

Hotel Millenia Samoa did not like that and went to court again in November last year, this time with PUMA as the opponent.

Last Thursday the court ruled in PUMA’s favour so Worship Center’s church will go ahead in Sogi, a coastal location.

Hotel manager Tuala Oli Ah Him declined to comment on the court ruling.

Asked about the risk of building a church on the coast Pastor Fa’apopo said, “The vision from God is to build at Sogi and that is where we are building.”

The church will be located in a three story building with state of the art sound proof system.

The building will house several offices and a hall as well.

Sogi is headquarters for all of the church’s 45 centres around the world.

Church leader Pastor Viliamu Mafoe is overseas to oversee the launch of two new branches of the church.



  1. Fa'i I. Pula

    Man why do they need to shout when praising God…that’s one thing I just can’t understand…I mean it’s ok to conduct the sermons in a normal voice to be boosted by the PA system..but when you have a PA system full blasting and the ministing shouting at top of his voice..that’s stupid..

    1. silimana'i

      Glory be to God for the court ruling on this issue. I wonder though why do people ask questions about how much noise people make when worship God? but when it comes to the noise make by nightclub bands/djs in residential areas in the night times; etc., there seems to be near zero complaints. Or is it God the Creator has been reduced down to the level of ordinary men? (looking at the way others seem to be thinking now) Well, I thought God was above everything in Samoa, but slowly the more I learn or the local issues such as this Worship Centre court case – the more I think otherwise. God bless Samoa.

      1. VNZ

        Where have you been sleeping? Of course they are heaps of complains about the noise night clubs make. Please Worship Center, please show some love for your neighbors by minimizing the noise level. E o fo’i ou neighbors i le loku ae le disturb ai fua isi tagata/tua’oi i le pisapisa o masini fa’aleotele leo ma mea fa’ili.

  2. APEZ

    Above all these, we ask,,who is the Lord of Samoa. Its God who created the world even humans. He shall be praised. When King David praised the Lord, the bible said he gave his all nearly naked, by dancing singing, shouting and praise the Lord from his heart. If you say that your neighbours went to church ae le disturb ai fua oe, that means ete leo praise iga le Alii. Praising God means you give it your all, olea le malosi o ia oe, vivi ai ile Alii. Aua le fesiligia ele mea na faia le faia o Ia

    Worshipping God and shouting to give praise God is not stupid as say Pula. Dont call what God called Holy to be stupid. Vaai sau polo ete taalo ai ae aua ete taalo ile Atua mamalu na faia oe

  3. VNZ


    Gae sa’o lelei a oe! Give praise to our God by “shouting and Praise the Lord from his heart”.

    The key word in your sentence is your “heart” not by any full blasted loud noise that PA Systems and Speakers make. It’s the loud sound from your heart that matters. E le’i iai gi masigi fa’aleokele leo i le kaimi ga vivi’i ai Kavika i le Ali’i. What you guys are doing is disturbing the peace of mind of your neighbors who happen to also give praise to the same God (but not with a lot of noise). All we are saying is to have some considerations for your neighbors, so that we can all live in harmony and not in hatred which makes the devil laugh if we continue to do so.

  4. please God than please man

    God create a person,and put a voice in his mouth,to shout and praise God.Not to gossip,not to swear,not to complain,but to praise God.Dont waste our time to talk something we do not understand, we please God more than we please people, we are not Saul.

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