Cyclone Amos expected to pass South of Samoa Saturday

APIA, SAMOA: FRIDAY 22 APRIL 2016: Tropical Cyclone Amos is expected to strengthen to a Category 3 storm as it passes just north of Wallis during the night. It is currently a Category 2 system and about 200 kilometres west-northwest of Wallis Island.

The cyclone is moving in an easterly direction at nine kilometres an hour and is intensifying.

On its current track, the cyclone is expected to pass just south of Samoa overnight Saturday.

According to the Fiji Met Service, the cyclone will maintain its strength for the next three days when it is forecast to lie between American Samoa and Niue, once it’s passed Samoa.

The Fiji Weather Office said early Friday morning winds of up to 90 kilometres an hour could be expected at the storm’s centre.

Earlier today Amos did a U-turn and began heading towards Wallis.

The latst weather bulletin from the Apia Meterology Division says Tropical Cyclone Amos Category two (2) was located 12.5 South, 177.8 West or at about 571 km (309nm) West of Asau or 668 km (361nm) West of Apia at 212300 UTC or 11:00 a.m this morning.

Cyclone Amos tracking map

Cyclone Amos latest tracking map

In Samoa Today (Friday):
Scattered showers, brief heavy falls at some areas with few thunderstorms.East to Northeast winds of 10-20 mph gusty at times and may increase to 30 mph at times. Combine waves and swells of 9-11 feet.

Saturday and Sunday:
Periods of rain, heavy at times and thunderstorms. Expect Northeast to Northwest winds of 45-55 mph and possibly increase up to 65 mph at times. Storm surge of 14-16 feet and developing to 15-18 feet by Sunday.Seas very rough and storm surge of 18-20 feet affect open seas.