Dead infants autopsy report arrives, court to decide

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 2018: District court Judge Fepulea’i Ameperosa Roma, is to hear applications from prosecution and counsel whether a coronal investigation into the death of the babies proceeds or to wait until criminal charges now before the Supreme Court is completed.

The inquest into the death of the one year old toddlers, who died minutes after receiving their MMR 1 vaccinations at Safotu District Hospital, was called again in the District Court yesterday.

The Prosecutor made an application that since the matter is now before the Supreme Court and the nurses being charged with manslaughter, it is appropriate to wait until the case is completed.

The Prosecutor also pointed out that the police have received the post mortem report on the babies.

Counsel for the parents of the dead babies, Muriel Lui argued that these are two different matters to be heard in two different court rooms.

She is also not aware of any charges against the two nurses accused of the incident.

Jude Roma then told the Prosecutor and counsel Lui, that both make submissions whether the court should proceed with the coroners investigation or wait until criminal proceedings against the accused nurses is completed.

The matter is adjourned to 19 of this month.

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