Dietician Advisor works to address non communicable diseases


Dietician Gail Cummings is welcomed by the Australian High Commissioner to Samoa

APIA: SATURDAY 26 MAY 2013: A Dietician Advisor is now working with the National Health Services supporting efforts to address the challenge of Non Communicable Diseases in Samoa.

She is Gail Cummins, who recently arrived in Samoa as a Pacific Technical Assistance Mechanism (PACTAM) specialist and will work in Samoa for the next 12 months.

Non Communicable diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart related diseases, kidney failure and others are affecting a younger sector of the Samoan population mainly due to diet, the lack of physical exercise and a change of life style.

PACTAM is an Australian Government, AusAID initiative that assists Samoa and other Pacific countries by recruiting technical specialists from Australia and other countries for assignments that cannot be filled locally. In addition to Ms Cummins, there are three PACTAM specialists now at work in Samoa.

They are:

  • Rupeni Nawakaquta from Fiji, who is with the Attorney-General’s Office
  • David Johnson, who is working as an Information and Communications Technology Advisor for the Samoa National Provident Fund
  • Fay Williams, who is working as a HR & Organisational Change Advisor at EPC, and

In July, they will joined by Mark Brennan, an Offshore-Investments Advisor who will undertake a second PACTAM placement with the Samoa National Provident Fund.