Digicel signs $25 million deal as Tui Samoa Cables’ first customer


Farid  Mohammed – Digicels CEO, Pepe Christian Fruean – Digicel Chairman and Leiataua Alden Godinet – Chairman SSCC.

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 21 FEBRUARY 2018:  Digicel Samoa is the first telecommunications company to sign on as a customer for the Tui Samoa Submarine Cable.

In a brief ceremony today, Digicels’ Chief Executive Officer, Farid Mohammed and Samoa Submarine Cable Company (SSCC) Board Chairman Leiataua Alden Godinet signed the seven year commitment.

Mohammed said Digicel is investing $25 million on the project and today’s ceremony is another milestone for Digicel Samoa and the people of Samoa especially the customers.

“This is a significant investment designed to equip Samoa with the most modern and world class communication and entertainment infrastructure,” said Mohammed.

Digicel Chairman Pepe Christian Fruean said the commitment is to improve the service to its customers that currently covers 98percent of the country.

“We are fulfilling the critical need of providing access to high speed internet to our customers and putting Samoa on par with the rest of the world,” said Mohammed.

The Tui Samoa cable will continue to bridge the digital divide and help Samoa realize new opportunities on education, business, health and other key public services.

Mohammed said Digicel understands the benefit Tui Samoa cable will provide to the customers, especially having the underlying network to enable this experience.

Mohammed promised a fast and cheap service once the tests are done, and the service to be activated at the end of this month.

He said the  ceremony today brings Digicel a step closer to being the proud operator of the network that will provide a dramatic increase in broadband speed with the  most reliable  and efficient service.

Leiataua commended Digicel for being the first customer.

“Today is a milestone as it represents the Tui Samoa Cables’ first long-term commitment from a major customer, and provides evidence that Tui Samoa has been able to deliver upon its promise,” said Leiataua.

He said he was excited to welcome Digicel Samoa 7 year commitment to ensure fast, reliable and affordable internet connectivity.

He said other telecommunication companies have shown interest and look forward to them coming on board.