Digimodem provides wider Internet access in Samoa

APIA: 17 July 2009 – Digicel Samoa has launched a more convenient and reliable solution to internet users in the country with the launch of Digimodem today.The new product allows customers to access the internet and  their email accounts from anywhere in Samoa where Digicel has mobile coverage.

“Digicel has superior coverage in Samoa and this product will serve your internet needs as well as our mobile does with your telecommunication needs,” said Pepe Christian Fruean, CEO, Digicel Samoa.

Digimodem is a USB device which is easy to use as customers only need a working laptop/desktop with a few standard requirements for set up and they connect to the internet straight away. Digicel already provide internet access through mobile phones but Digimodem will give customers a simple solution to their internet access.

Data plans depend on the customer data usage.

“The fact that Digimodem can now offer internet access to customers in Savai’i Island and rural areas of Upolu island gives me great pleasure because access to information is the key to our development as a country going forward,” added Fruean.

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