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Donors help send young Roslyn for emergency medical treatment


President of SVSG President of SVSG and Roslyn’s mother, Sofina Neru Tafili signing the documents for the release of funds

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 09 MAY 2017: A young girl requiring emergency medical treatment in New Zealand made the 2.00pm flight today, Tuesday 9th May 2017, accompanied by her mother, thanks to the support of the donors who helped pay for their airfares.

SVSG started work on Monday with only NZD300.00 donation towards this need and Roslyn and her grateful mother got the total cost of ST2,629.40 for their airfares.

“We prayed for God’s love and he answered through Kerrie Keen Shoesmith donating NZD1, 240, Soteria Lauvi Sopoaga Foster NZD300.00 and an anonymous donor NZD53.00,” explains Siliniu Lina Chang, President of SVSG.

From Kerri Keen, she wished Roslyn well, “This is the balance for little Roslyn and her mum to fly to NZ for her operation NZ940.00.  Good luck baby girl, this together with the NZD300 I donated a few days ago hopefully will change your life in a good way.  All my love and best wishes.”

From Soteria her donations came with a “God be with you” message for Roslyn.

“This morning, we collected a total of NZD1,540.00 or ST2,630.25, enough to pay for Roslyn and her mother’s airfares for that 2.00pm flight this afternoon.  This is all God’s favor, and we praise Him for always providing for us,” Siliniu said.

An emotional mother received their return tickets this morning at SVSG’s Office.  She spoke of the hardship in trying to get her baby to New Zealand.
“I gave up after being turned down numerous times from those whom I have asked for help.  Receiving this ticket from SVSG means a chance for Roslyn to live, and I feel the warmth of being a part of the family.  This is like a family to Roslyn,” says Roslyn’s mother, Sofina Neru Tafili.

SVSG President acknowledged the support from Kerrie Keen Shoesmith, Soteria Lauvi Sopoaga Foster and the anonymous donor, all from Australia.

“Thank you for coming together at such a short time to help this child and supporting the work of SVSG.  We ask that you remember Roslyn in your prayers.”