Dr. Emosi Puni jailed for 12 months

Dr. Emosi Puni

Dr. Emosi Puni

APIA: FRIDAY 21 DECEMBER 2012: Former gynaecologist Dr. Emosi Puni has been jailed for twelve months. The sentence was delivered by Justice Pierre Slicer at 4.00 this afternoon.

The sentencing was postponed from last week when Puni’s lawyer appealed for community service for his client and not a jail sentence. Counsel referred to Dr. Puni’s long service in the medical profession.

Dr. Puni was convicted for indecently assaulting a female patient but the decision was appealed. The Court of Appeal however upheld the decision and sentencing was delayed twice. Last week, Justice Slicer said that he needed more time as the case is a complex one.

The case started in 2006, was a close court and under name suppression for several years until the matter came to the Court of Appeal that ruled that there was a case to answer.

Dr. Emosi Puni is one of the country’s well respected gynaecologists and has been suspended by the Medical Doctors Association since his conviction last August.