Education presses ahead so schools will start 28 January

One of the worst hit school buildings at Lefaga

One of the worst hit school buildings at Lefaga

APIA: TUESDAY 8 JANUARY 2013: The Ministry of Education is pressing ahead to ensure that the seven of the most damaged schools by Cyclone Evan will stat classes when the school year starts 28 January 2013.

The CEO, Matafeo Tanielu Aiafi and Management staff started meeting with the Schools Committees of these villages to discuss options to ensure the students school year will not be hampered by the damaged school buildings.

The collaborative effort looks at utilizing existing halls and meeting houses in these villages as temporary classrooms to await reconstruction work of the damaged school buildings.

The start of the 2013 school year will also have four terms. Matafeo told the local media that the current system with only three terms a year gives very limited time of basically three hours a school day for the students. Changing to four terms will provide longer school hours but will not affect the level of school fees.

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