Elderly driver lucky to escape but loses vehicle in river


The driver of this car is lucky to have escaped when his car was washed down the Tulaele ford during the heavy rains this morning


APIA, SAMOA: THURSDAY 12 MAY 2016: A driver described by the young men of Tulaele as “an elderly man” is lucky to escape death when his car was washed by the strong Fuluasou River currents at the Tulaele ford around 7.00 this morning.

The village young men who were telling motorists it was too dangerous to cross said the water was around chest level.

“But the old man did not listen as he kept on driving.”

In the middle of the ford, the force of the river tipped his vehicle sideways. However he managed to open the door and got out in time before his vehicle was washed downstream.

The young men helped the old man out of the river about 200 meters down the stream.

The deep ford previously had several vehicles driven to the stream even during fine weather due to slippery algae that had grown on the road surface.

In 2014, a bus and an Explorer were rescued by tow trucks as slippery algae made them slide towards the edge of the ford.

A bus had to be pulled up by a tow truck in February 2014 at the Tulaele Ford during fine weather

This bus needed a tow truck to pull it up from the ford in February 2014 – it was fine weather


The ford is a shortcut between Tulaele and the Lotopa road landing directly opposite the Robert Louis Primary School.

The heavy rains this morning caused flooding in town especially the swampy areas around Fugalei and Savalalo holding up traffic during the busy hours and the water subsided around mid-morning.