Ele Opeloge is the one for the Olympics

After an illness scare, Ele Opeloge puts on her best performance to qualify for the Olympics

By Alan Ah Mu

APIA: 10 June 2012 – Ele Opeloge is going to the London Olympics.

Coach Tauoepepe Jerry Wallwork announced that at the end of the Oceania and Commonwealth qualifiers in Apia yesterday.

Samoa women’s team won the Olympic qualifying event, the Oceania champs and thus the right to nominate one of the team to represent the country in London.

Opeloge retained her crown in the 75kg+ category in both the Commonwealth and Oceania.

Ele’s total of 264 puts her in the top 5 or 6 lifters in the world in her category.

Despite that Tuaopepe said, “She’s not where she should be but it’s a positive sign.”

Ele’s got another five to six weeks to get herself into medal contention at the Olympics.

No worries about her technique, but the most important requirement for her are to build up her strength.

“Get a little bit more power,” said Tuaopepe.

“That means a bit more training,” he said.

London will be Ele’s second Olympics.

Her first was the 2008 Beijing games where she came within 1kg of a bronze medal.

Two years later she demolished the competition to win gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

There she set new records in the snatch with 125kg, in the clean and jerk with 160kg – and with the total of 285kg.

In September last year Ele broke her own clean and jerk record with a 161kg lift.

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