Families warned if they won’t evacute

flood near aggiesBy Lagi Keresoma

FRIDAY 01 FEBRUARY 2013: Several families living around the low land areas at of Leone, Vaisigano and Apia will not leave their homes despite warning of flooding as more rains are expected.

This is not because they are against the warning but they are wary of people stealing their properties. Two of the families at Vaisigano who did not want to be named told Talamua that their houses were robbed while they were staying at the Evacuation Centre after Cyclone Evan.

Police spokesperson Leaupepe Fatu Pula confirmed that four youths from Apia are still in custody for break in and looting and are awaiting their time in Court. These youths are charged with breaking into peoples houses during cyclone Evans. However, he emphasized that this is no reason for people to risk not only theirs but others lives. “They have to evacuate if it came to that and the police will have to use force to evacuate them if they still refused,” said Leaupepe.

“There lives are more important than any mere TV or stereo,” said Leaupepe.

This morning the Vaisigano and Magiagi rivers again threatened to break their banks and yesterdays flooding almost cost the lives of some family members who rebuilt in the rivers path when the river flooded again.

Samoa continues to have heavy rainfalls in the next few days and rivers at Eva and Falefa on the East Coast of Upolu island, cut off traffic access for yesterday and early today as flood waters badly affected many villagers at Falevao which is located in a valley overshadowed by mountain ranges.

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