FAO Director General to receive matai title

The Director General of FAO, Jose da Silva

The Director General of FAO, Jose da Silva

Alan Ah Mu

APIA: WEDNESDAY 10 APRIL 2013: The Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation based in Rome, José Graziano da Silva will be bestowed a traditional matai title at Lefaga village tomorrow morning.

Lefaga is the village of Minister of Agriculture, Le Mamea Ropati.

Samoan matai titles carry significant traditional functions as family and village leaders and have recently been bestowed on overseas people as a mark of honour for their services to Samoa. Honorary matai titles do not have the same rights as those bestowed on heirs of a title and accompanying entitlements to land and other resources.

José da Silva is here for the 10th Meeting of FAO South West Pacific Ministers of Agriculture which Samoa hosts from 11 – 13 April.

Organisers say 13 countries plus the New Zealand territory of Tokelau will be represented at the meeting.

Topics to be discussed will cover development areas, food security and market opportunities.

FAO has made a major contribution to the development of agriculture and fisheries in Samoa for the last 50 years.

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