Fiaga Power Station opens this afternoon

EPC staff last minute painting

EPC staff last minute painting

Alan Ah Mu

APIA: THURSDAY 25 APRIL 2013: Electric Power Corporation staff painted, weeded and planted flowers at the grounds of Fiaga Power Station all of this morning in preparation for its grand opening at 4 o’clock this afternoon.

Other staff laboured to fill pot holes and dents in the four kilometers of asphalt road which starts at the main road of Fiaga and ends inland at the diesel power station.

The power station is capable of producing 32 KW. According to invitations received Monday this week, the opening was timed at 1000 this morning. However, Talamua, having not been informed found only workers doing last minute decorations with a female worker saying the opening was at 4.00pm.

Apart from the four new generators from Japan three more were transferred from Tanugamanono power station.

Fiaga will replace Tanugamanono as the country’s main supplier of diesel generated electricity.

Two natural disasters delayed the launch of the power station, namely the tsunami in Japan, the origins of four generators, and Cyclone Evan last year which diverted EPC to recovery work.

Guests at the opening today will enter a compound enclosed by a chain link fence about 3,000 meters long.

But in all 97 acres of public land was allocated by Government for the power station project.

It consisted of six main parts:

1. Building of the new Power House, installing of four new power generators and another three generators relocated from Tanugamanono power station;

2. Building of new roads, installing of electricity and telephone lines for the new power house, and also landscaping of the land intended for the building as well as fencing the whole property;

3. Drilling of a water well and the installing of water pipes and water tanks;

4. Installing of diesel tanks;

5. Installing of transmission lines from the new Fiaga Station to the Fuluasou Sub-station;

6. Building of a new Sub-station at Fuluasou.

Fiaga Power Station is part of a $USD100 million project for the implementation of the Power Sector Expansion Project (PSEP) funded by ADB, JICA, AusAID, Samoa Govt and EPC.

The Government of Samoa received a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) towards the cost of Samoa Power Sector Expansion Project.

This loan is jointly financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA Loan 8232/SAM-P1) and a grant by the government of Australia through AusAID (Grant AUS 0101).