FIFA gives out playing gear to encourage women participation in the sport


The principal of Leififi College Mrs Lauano accepts her teams uniform 

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2016: Ten local colleges will take part in a competition later this month in the push to have more women participation in soccer.

This is part of a FIFA initiative in 2011 to support countries all around the world through one of its projects to develop women’s football.

The colleges received team uniforms as part of the official launch of gear to local Samoan colleges from Upolu and Savaii who were part of a one week women’s tournament workshop at the Insel Fehrman Hotel in Moto’otua.

This is the second year since the establishment of the Women’s Football in Colleges tournament. By having 10 schools participating for this year’s tournament, the Football Federation of Samoa Women’s Co-coordinator, Lynette Laumea Fa’aiuaso was thrilled with the support by school principals and teachers by accepting the invitation from FFS to compete in this year’s tournament.

FIFA Instructor Nicola Demaine spoke on how FIFA and FFS are taking on a direction to improve female football in Samoa. Demaine believes that Samoa is unique from other pacific island nations; talking from experience, a Samoan girl can grow up and play the same sports as a Samoan boy. This tournament is for the colleges, so it’s a chance to get new girls to play football to grow the game even more and maybe link those players into clubs. Who knows, it might be one of your colleges player’s that goes on to play for Samoa in the near future, and if it happens, please make a big deal out of it”.

The gear is a token to help the colleges kick start the tournament off.  It will also help the colleges to get their team of the ground. Demaine urges the Principals and teachers to take good care of the gear, and make sure it’s not just a one off thing that happens this year.

“Please carry it forward, I encourage you coaches to support your girls and enjoy this gift as it’s the best game in the world,” she said.

Nicole in her final remarks hopes to see Samoa in a FIFA WC tournament one day.

“Since its establishment the number has increased, these were the schools that accepted our invitation to participate,” Fa’aiuaso stated.

“The ten colleges deserve these new uniforms and we hope to see young aspiring female stars at this year’s competition,” she said.

FFS President, Laupama Solomona thanked FIFA representative Nicola Demiean for the on-going support to small nations like Samoa.

Leififi College Principal, acknowledged the support of FIFA and FFS for giving the schools an opportunity to compete without the problem of uniform. Mrs Lauano believes that the gear is motivation for her students as they are nice adidas uniforms and not cheap.

The ten participating schools includes six schools from Savai’i – Amoa, Itu o Tane, Savaii Sisifo, Palauli, Vailoa, Mataaevave College – and St. Marys College, Pesega, Sagaga and Leififi College from Upolu.

The tournament kicks off this month.