FIFA suspends federations of Samoa and Kuwait

Joseph Blatter (Image by BBC)

ZURICH (AFP) — World football body FIFA on Friday announced it had suspended the federations of Kuwait and Samoa while placing that of Peru under surveillance and also rejected entry for Kosovo. “We had given a supplementary delay” to the Kuwaitis before finally suspending them, Joseph Blatter said at FIFA’s Executive Committee meeting in Zurich.

Kuwait’s federation were to have held their general assembly in September but delayed it for Ramadan but after no meeting took place Blatter said the Kuwaitis had been “definitively suspended” from international matches.

In the case of the Samoans, they were suspended for “repeated management problems,” FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke explained.

Valcke said Kosovo’s attempt to join the body had been rejected and that the Peruvians were under close surveillance as FIFA maintains that there is political interference in their federation.

“We have given four weeks for state interventions to cease,” Valcke said.

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