FIFA Women’s Coaching Course opens in Apia


Some of the 20 participants of the FIFA Women’s Coaching Course in progress in Apia this week

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 14 SEPTEMBER 2016: One of the most challenging, yet rewarding tasks a football player can take on is coaching a team. In this role, they have the opportunity to create a positive environment where players can develop a love of the game and teach new skills. Like the players, a coach cannot be successful if they are not trained mentally and physically on how to deliver their sport.

On Monday this week, FIFA Women’s Coaching Course opened at the Insel Ferhmen Hotel for five days.

Speaking on the Objective of the Course, Nicola Demaein stated that Samoan people have an incredible natural athletic ability.

“As coaches you have the ability to make a huge impact on young athletes and children with these natural abilities,” she told the participants.

“With the right coach they can go a long way in football. The quality of their coach and the training they participate in makes all the difference.”

Demaien added that she is happy to see some new faces in this course and is looking forward to seeing the participants go back to their clubs and share what they have learned.

20 participants from registered clubs and local football community are part of the FIFA Women’s Coaching Course which will run for one week. The participants are males and females that are former national team players, volunteers, club members and referees from Upolu and Savai’i.

The course will help to enhance the FFS women’s programmes such as soccer sisters, centre for development and centre of excellence and the all star league.

The course will conclude on Friday, 16th September 2016 with the presentation of certificates to participants.